The U.S. Congress signal the dangerous politics of Miviludes

Today, the U.S. Congress reacted to the publication of a bulletin from the french Ministry of Justice. This bulletin, which has already been the object of polemical discussions in recent days, « instructs prosecutors and judges of courts of appeal to consider certain religious practices, such as fasting, as means of psychological subjection. » In a letter to Prime Minister Francois Fillon dated October 28, co-signed by the presidents...

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In 2011, deployments of armed forces  against peaceful groups are still going on  On February 22, 2011, in Nyons in the Drôme area, 70 gendarmes, assisted by the Assistance and Intervention Unit for Sectarian Abuses (CAIMADES), a specialized police created at the request of Miviludes, invaded a personal improvement center. What evidence do they have against the “Teaching Center of Biodynamism”? Nothing, except suspicions: “a...

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Pharmaceutical Lobby and Anti-religious Lobby

A hushed up report and a vanished law His name is Nicolas About and until January 2011, he was a senator. In the midst of the scandal of AFSSAPS [French equivalent to the FDA] and the laboratories (see cover story), he surreptitiously left his post—quietly resigning as his deputy took over—to find himself in the CSA [Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel – Media High Council]. In 2001, he was one of the authors of the outrageous...

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Miviludes and the Pharmaceutical Lobby

When Vested Interests Meet the Pharmaceutical Lobby and Anti-religious Lobby Georges Fenech, head of the Miviludes, stated when issuing the 2010 report of his Mission: “Anything natural is suspect as a front for cult abuses”. This strange orientation may be easier to understand if one knows that Fenech is also one of the founding members of Momagri, a pro-GMO (genetically modified organisms) lobby involving major companies in the food...

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Black List or No Black List ?

This is the question indeed … and the president of Miviludes has the astonishing ability to state completely opposite answers within a few hours’ time. On 19 May 2009, Georges Fenech answered Angélique Negroni’s questions in daily Le Figaro, which quoted Fenech in its title: “A new list of sectarian groups is needed.”  The journalist asked him: “Is a list of cults necessary again?” He answered: “We are working on a reference...

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Miviludes: Still in the Past

In contrast to this landmark ruling [of the European Court of Human Rights in the Jehovah’s Witnesses vs. Russia case], the French Miviludes (Interministerial Mission to fight against sectarian abuses), a governmental body, continues its discriminatory and Inquisition-like methods. Not only does the Miviludes neglect to encourage dialogue with family members, it does not seek to learn the truth upon receiving recriminating letters...

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