70th Commitment from Civil Society – Association of Training, Guidance and Assistance for the Refugee and Emigrant

Fellow delegates; ladies and gentlemen

My name is Luis Redondo and I am representing the Association of Training, Guidance and Assistance for the Refugee and Emigrant, by it sigles in Spanish (FOARE) settled in Spain, I would like to begin by expressing my sincere gratitude for giving me the opportunity to speak in this important hall.

Today, I stand in front of you to share information about the extreme vulnerability of the hundreds of thousands of immigrants and displaced people. The violation of human rights which has been growing every day more worldwide.

Hard times are coming, in some countries more than in others, considering the extreme situation in Latin America, Africa, Asia and in the Middle East, we are currently watching in the news the large number of people arriving to different countries illegally, escaping from the complex situation that they live in their countries.

Currently, Spain has more than 31,700 requests for humanitarian asylum, beating any historical challenge.

Recent reports also indicate that one of three immigrants in this country are Venezuelans, the list is followed by Syrians and Colombians. The latest data shows that while in Spain the rise continues, in the European Union as a whole, requests for refuge fell by 43%.

By this date, in Spain, 34,800 petitions are accumulated without any response from the responsible entities.

As organizations, we worth to have spaces, promoted by the countries and the international organizations. Forums of dialogue that are meant to face the difficulties in carrying out a work that contributes to responding to the demands of assistance to the thousands of refugees that seek asylum.

We want the treaty compliance of the international protection of the asylee and the refugee, of the Geneva Convention of 1951 Article 1 and 2.

Thank you

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CAP Liberté de Conscience, a French NGO created in 2000 dedicated to the respect of the Right of Freedom of Religion and Belief. CAP LC is expert since now 20 years, in religious minorities’ discriminations in France and Europe. CAP Liberté de Conscience organizes events, conferences, meetings to unite minority religions to counter discrimination mainly in France but also in Europe and worldwide.

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